The licensing and support features of Astrobe are:

Professional ARM
Cortex-M0, M3, M4 & M7
Personal ARM
License time limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web-based forum technical support
Free major upgrades 1 Year N/A N/A
Free minor and bugfix upgrades 1 Year N/A N/A
Email technical support 1 Year Installation
issues only
issues only
Licensed for commercial and profit-making use x

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Feature Summaries

Astrobe for RISC5 and the Personal Edition of Astrobe for ARM Cortex-M0 are free.
v9.1 Personal Edition Price
Astrobe for ARM Cortex-M0 Free Download
v8 Astrobe for FPGA RISC5
Embedded Project Oberon Free Download
Project Oberon Workstation Free Download

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v9.2 Professional Edition
Astrobe for ARM Cortex-M0 $US 395.00 Add to Cart
Astrobe for ARM Cortex-M3 $US 395.00 Add to Cart
Astrobe for ARM Cortex-M4 $US 395.00 Add to Cart
Astrobe for ARM Cortex-M7 $US 395.00 Add to Cart
Astrobe 4-Pack: ARM Cortex-M0, M3, M4 and M7
$US 995.00 Add to Cart

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