advocating specific board entry on forum

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advocating specific board entry on forum

Post by Oberoid » Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:09 am

Hi Chris and Astrobe,

I got the Led7Seconds.mod working on my embedded artist Edu 2138 board.
First my compliments for the elegance of the code written, now I actually understand what is going on.
Again, Oberon07 is a jewel not to be overlooked.
The c-code from Embedded Artists is very confusing. Not mentioning the horrible complicated 102 mb cygwin gcc suite that is provided.

As the Oberon code is self explanatory I could concentrate on the wiring of the led display.
However I had to adjust the code in Led7.mod.
In Led7 the pins that power the led are set low. That did not work for the 7led display that EA has put in the box.
The pins of their display have to be set high to switch the leds on.

The problems I tackle are mostly related to the hardware and not specifically Oberon07 language itself.
I suggest that you create an forum entries for the supported (EA) development boards.
An overview of the provided board examples translated in Oberon gives an evident argument for using the Oberon07 compiler.

Again, thanks for the code - i will start confidently with your other EA projects.

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Re: advocating specific board entry on forum

Post by cfbsoftware » Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:52 pm

Hi Frans-Pieter,

Thank you for your positive feedback and suggestion. I'm pleased to hear you are making good progress. For now I've just created one new forum for any topics that are related to specific development boards. If large numbers of topics for a particular manufacturer start to appear I can split the forum into separate sub-forums later.


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