CAN Support

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CAN Support

Post by abaumann » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:09 pm


Are there any plans to support CAN interface as a standard module ?
What is the best way to implement a CAN interface. Does exist oberon oriented source code examples or should I try to translate C Code examples to Oberon-7 ?
Any hint is appreciated.

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Re: CAN Support

Post by cfbsoftware » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:06 pm

We don't have any immediate plans to develop a standard library module for CAN.

Based on our experience, my recommendations when developing a new module like this are:
  • Study the relevant chapter(s) of the NXP User manuals for the microcontroller you are targeting.
  • Look for NXP application notes on the subject.
  • Resist looking at source code until you have the basic design worked out and then only when you need to clarify very specific details.
Initially just aim at developing code to meet the requirements for a specific project. That should be significantly easier than trying to design a general-purpose CAN module. With the experience gained in getting that working you are more likely to then be successful writing a useful reusable general-purpose module.

A Google search located a couple of CAN application notes that look promising. Although they were originally written for the LPC2xxx I would expect the general principles to apply equally to Cortex-M3 devices: ... N10438.pdf ... N10674.pdf

If, as you progress with it, you have some more specific questions on this project feel free to ask them here.

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